Boating instructions on your own yacht

Not every (future) owner of a yacht is familiar with the water from childhood and has learned to sail from his or her parents.

Many water sports enthusiasts have made their first steps in an Optimistje and then purchased increasingly larger yachts, in which they pushed their limits.

Nowadays there is a large group of new water sports enthusiasts who do not have this experience and who immediately purchase a large motor or sailing yacht. I myself belong to the group that has been on the water since childhood. However, I learned how to navigate and maneuver large ships in practice as a helmsman on commercial shipping.

You also had to learn to drive, if you start playing golf you have to get your GVB and as a pilot you have to take flying lessons to get your license. Everyone thinks this is normal and no one is ashamed of it. So why is it so special to take lessons to be able to sail and maneuver well with your yacht?

Often a one-day practical course on your own yacht is enough to become familiar with your (new) yacht and everything that comes with it. This often involves basic matters, but you must be made aware of them first. After this day you can continue to work with the acquired knowledge and gain further experience. Such an instruction also promotes the safety of your crew and that of others on the water and can prevent unnecessary damage to your valuable property. IYM is able to provide such a course for you in which it can fully respond to your specific wishes.

By the way, did you know that in order to obtain the major navigation license, men and women in professional shipping must pass both a theoretical and practical exam and, moreover, have at least 4 years of experience as a helmsman, before they can sail as skipper/captain?

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