International Yacht Management (abbreviated IYM) takes matters off your hands as a yacht owner, matters that you do not have time for, do not want to spend time on yourself or where you lack knowledge.

After all, you can’t understand everything. An addition that is very common with very large yachts and on the Mediterranean, but not yet very well known here. However, the yachts are getting bigger and more technically advanced and you have to pay attention to more and more things, both in the purchase and maintenance. Some owners like to arrange these kinds of matters themselves, but others prefer to outsource, for example, purchase guidance or care for maintenance. You know which group you belong to.

When it comes to management for your yacht, we think for example of:

Are the correct documents on board, even if you are going abroad with your yacht, such as a VAT declaration, proof of ownership, etc.? Do you have the right papers to be allowed to sail with the yacht, such as a sailing license, VHF certificate, etc.?

When should I have it serviced?

How often should the oil in the engine(s) be changed, what about the propeller shaft lubrication and rudder suspension, does the heating need maintenance, does the gas installation have to be inspected, do the batteries, fire extinguishing installation and air conditioning have to be checked?

Lots of things to be arranged. We can assist you in all these areas, advise you or take matters off your hands completely. We can also mediate if it is possible. monitor the quality of the work to be performed.

Is my yacht still properly insured?

In short, there are many things around your yacht that you do not think about at all and that is a good thing because after all, you have her for your pleasure and it is your hobby. That is precisely why we can be your partner so that you can fully enjoy your yacht and make optimal use of it.

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