As a sworn and certified appraiser, but mainly because we have the necessary experience and knowledge of new construction and free sales prices, we can determine the value of your motor yacht.

An appraisal is the determination of the value of the yacht at a certain time, which looks at the condition it is in, the extras that are on board, the execution of the yacht, is the yacht up to date, does it meet the current requirements? What does it cost to have an equivalent yacht built new? What is the added value of the extras on board? An appraisal is NOT an inspection and we therefore assume that everything on board functions properly.

You can also request an appraisal of the value of your yacht if you make changes to it, or have her repainted or, for example, a new teak deck. It is useful to know whether the costs are justified in relation to the increase in value. This is important if you are considering selling the yacht.

Reason for an appraisal

1 – Sale
You want to know what your yacht is worth, you are then interested in the resale value on the current free sales market. The appraised value is then determined by the demand for your yacht type at that time and how many similar yachts are for sale? And for what price?

2 – Insurance
You have had the yacht for quite some time and it has been modernized and changed a lot over the years and what is the current value? Or you have just bought her and are going to insure her.

3 – Mortgage
You want to pledge the yacht with a mortgage and the bank asks for a valuation report. We have the standard reports from the ING bank

4 – You are just curious about the value of your yacht.
Send us an email with the basic details of your yacht, type, year of construction, dimensions, engines, etc. and the berth of your yacht as well as the reason for the valuation and your telephone number, and we will call you back to inform you of the costs. share and make an appointment if you agree.